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How long does it take for the Cquartz sealant to cure?
1 hour for finger touch dry, 4h for releasing the car, 48h for complete cure time.

The water repellence ability decreases after a short time, what has happened ?
The repellency ability can fade because of contaminants. In this case, simply clean the surface with a mild cleaner and wash off thoroughly with water. The repellency effect will then be reproduced. You can also use alcohol IPA

Can a sealant be applied outside in the winter ?
Yes, if completely dry and at least 10° Celsius .but the best temp. to apply is 20 deg C.

Does frost or heat do any damage to the sealed surface ?
The nano sealant is absolutely frost and temperature resistant.

Can the Cquartz sealant be used on all car wheels ?
It can be used on all steel, alloy and chrome wheels,

Is the sealant harmless to skin ?
Nano sealants have been tested by an independent institute and were designated to be harmless to skin. but for best precautions, use latex gloves while applying

Can I remove a nano sealant ?
Yes, all products will be removed by mechanical wear

What needs to be done if the coating has been damaged ?
In the case of damaged coatings, simply polish the surface by compounding and treat them again.



Why to use our special Nanocoatings?

Nanotechnology is a new high-end technology, based on natural processes. The minute size of the nano-particles or nano structure is one of the primary reasons for their unique characteristics.
The protective nano-layer is only 0.5~1(µ) thick, which is a millionth of a millimeter and much thinner than a human hair.
The application of nano particles increases the overall surface area. Consequently, nano structures have extremely large surfaces, a fact which significantly impacts their properties. Therefore, nano structures are extremely minute in terms of their dimensions, whereby their surface properties play a very important role by comparison with the material volume properties involved. The unique characteristics of these tiny structures are determined not only by the type of source material, but also, and in particular, by the form and size of the nano-bionic structures and the ways in which they are produced and applied. The nano coat structures must also form a chemical and molecular bond with the surrounding material.

CQuartz cares for and protect your car paint while providing a hydrophobic property. Cquartz leaves a pollutant & dirt repellent, long lasting effect to your car's surface & windows like no other in the World!

> Excellent High Gloss effect - Glass-liked transparency maximizes the rate of reflected light, Enhances new car shine.

> Hydrophobic Property - Unique ultimate mirror finished protective coating that remains flexible and allows the paint surface to remain natural & flex with temperature changes which other products don't. most of stains on the body follow the flow of rain water and spot of drops.