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Cerium Oxide glass polish compound remove light scratched and eliminate water spots from any glass or plexiglas surface

CeriGlass is a special glass polishing technique developed by the innovative special ceramic, Cerium Oxide, together with some other nano components.

The overwhelming effect of removing water spots attached on the glass-like scales .
Formulated with mild abrasives, CeriGlass deep cleans and polishes all glass surfaces with ease. It quickly removes acid rain spots, hard water spots, road film, stubborn bird stains, and that annoying interior glass film. CeriGlass is so effective, it even removes fine to medium scratches.
 It leaves glass crystal clear and sparkling.
 used by hand or machine.
Hand polishing pads provided for mild water spots removing, if you want to work efficiently and widespread severe water spots or light scratches, please work with a combination of glass polishing machine (Rotary or DA) and buffing glass pad.

when used with an orbital buffer this polish can remove surface scratching from glass which is caused by salt and road dust that binds to your windscreen wipers.

No need strong dissolving agents .   there is no damage to the skin like using such materials .


  • Will not distort glass.
  • Great for restoring old windshields.
  • Can also be used to clean and brighten chrome and other metal surfaces.
  • For hand or machine use.
  • Not for use on aftermarket window tint, painted or coated glass.
  • Great for Plexiglas polishing or headlamps restoring.
  • Remove tiny pinhole pits in glass windows , and polish fine wiper scratches.

How To Use :

Shake well the bottles
Apply small amount on the glass polish pad or our hand glass applicator.
cover well the car panels and rubber seals with nylon film so less powder dust will spread over.
buff thoroughly all over the glass surface in circular motion.
Rinse the surface with water. wipe off with MF,and observe your work if need another go.

Bottle sizes:

150ml , 500ml. squeezer bottle .


  2. For best results, apply in the shade on cool glass.
  3. We recommend using face mask while using polishing machine to prevent inhalation of polish powder.

Before & After:

b_150_100_16777215_00_images_glass_before.jpg b_150_100_16777215_00_images_glass_after_back.jpg
Before After

Great TIP : Ceriglass works great as metal  and Stainless steel polishing compound !

Here is a great review test using CeriGlass and our glass polishing pads: