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CarPro Polish Pads

Unique ring style polishing pads, from orange peel removing to finishing

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Our unique design for polishing pads,

Japanese made foam , open cells  with ring style design.

This ensures LIGHT force, quick cutting on surface, short time finishing.

With less heat generating, Flexibility working on curved surface , giving full coverage on the surface.





As well can be Working and buffing to absorb the reverse side surface operating .






1. Cut down on possible micro marring due to the lack of a center.

2. Keep heat buildup down on the panel as well as internally within the foam.

3. Volume of polish is considerably reduced.

4. Nice size and shape.

5. Good selection of cut without over complicating issues.

6. Self centering built in.

We are proud to offer as well the CoolPad , a true patented polishing pad design , more info HERE

Here is short description about each of pads we offer, Click on the Picture to enlarge:

pad picture Pad type Description size target Foam material made in Japan foam hardness  pores cells size  foam density


Most aggressive, remove severe orange peel from clear coat, 2000 grit. 3/4/5" orange peeling 2000 Polyester / denim 3kpa 80ppi  30kg/m3


less aggressive ,remove orange peel from clear coat , 3000 grit.

suitable for sticky OEM paint works

5" orange peeling 3000 Polyester / velvet 3kpa 80ppi 30kg/m3


Aggressive pad,remove severe oxidation , scratches, swirls with less possible to hologram 5" cutting/ compounding Polyester                 100% wool 5mm 3kpa 80ppi 30kg/m3
 b_150_100_16777215_00_images_red_pad_cutting.jpg Red
aggressive foam ,remove severe oxidation , scratches, swirls 7" cutting/  compounding Polyester 6kpa 55ppi 58kg/m3


high density foam, polishing& swirls removing , all around pad for light to moderated imperfections 5" light cutting Polyester  4kpa 70ppi 35kg/m3
 b_150_100_16777215_00_images_finishing_ring_155mm_new.jpg Black
Soft foam ,finishing polish , light swirls,
 or use on soft paint polishing work
5" finish polishing Polyester 3kpa 80ppi 30kg/m3



High resistant Rayon fiber ensure high gloss finish of various surfaces such as Minerals, Plastics, Plexi, Acryl, Glass and Coatings
High Cutting  min. heat production to shorten Processtime and
obtain-fast gloss, stable process.

glass polishing 100% Rayon Lenzing Fiber 1600Kpa  n/a 1.2kg/m3
 b_150_100_16777215_00_images_cool_pad.jpg Coolpad
wool and microfiber mix buffing pad integral air-cooling 3D structure , Wool strips for cut ,MF for the shine without risk of hologramming 130mm cutting/  compounding wool+MF 600Kpa n/a 1.2kg/m3
 b_150_100_16777215_00_images_coolwool130_side.jpg CoolWool
4mm lenght wool only pad, integral air cooling 3D structre, cutting pad without risk of hologramming 130mm cutting Wool 600Kpa n/a 1.2kg/m3


Velcro Fabric : Made in the USA
Kpa : Kilo Pascal - 1Kpa= 0.145 psi
PPI : Pores Per Inch
Kg/m3 : Kg per cubic meter
All pads Average speed: 600~1100 RPM
low to mid pressure