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Cool Pad

The CoolPad is a unique lambs wool and microfibre mix buffing pad with a patented design. A highly resilient, integral air-cooling 3D structure acts as a breathing layer and combines pressure relief, thermoregulation and moisture management in one high tech composed, finished product. Developed from a pure New Zealand wool/microfiber woven material backed up with a backing pad serving as interface enabling to cool the surface between the surface and the machine.

The functional layer of air space results in multiple benefits and ultimate polishing results.

Key benefits of the CoolPad include:

Decrease in polishing temperature of up to 35%
Less risk of hologramming due to the lower temperature obtained
Flexibility of the pad on curved and uneven surfaces
Faster finishing of the zone being treated
Time savings due to fast cut and high performance even on delicate surfaces
Stability of the pad due to its highly resistant composition

The CoolPad is especially suitable for polishing plastic-coated heat sensitive surfaces. It can also be used on enamel and delicate wood coating, as well as aerospace and marine coated composite surfaces.

Only recommended for use in experienced hands! This is the most aggressive pad in our range. It can be used with Rotary (1200-2000 RPM) and Dual Action (3500-4000 RPM) machine polishers.

Pad cut: Heavy (6/6)

Tips for pro’s:

Assess paintwork prior to polishing and measure removal rates during use. This pad is exceptional on dual action machine as it will remove serious defects without leaving any holograms. However, it should be used with care. Pay extra attention to panel edges and repaired areas as it can expose the color coats. We do not recommend the CoolPad with a DA machine on freshly painted panels.

How to clean:

The pads can be machine or hand washed at a low temperature. After washing, apply to your polishing machine and spin to remove excess moisture, before reusing. 

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