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Cquartz FINEST

The finest in paint protection Harder - Thicker - Glossier 

The best, most powerful coat, the Finest in car paint protection!

CQUARTZ FINEST is embellished formula coat of CQUARTZ coat.

Using stronger condensed nano particles with better cross linking between each other.

With new secret nano material used in making “3D” structure (see Diagram), for becoming very tough nano structure,

One group(O+Si+O) link to another group by a special cross linker Agent which produce cellulose dense joint nano 3D structure coat , giving a permanent layer protection.

CQUARTZ FINEST is harder, thicker, with less water drops left on surface (sliding angle) and glossier than Cquartz.

Anti Fouling effect : Low sliding angle ensure less droplets left on surface , less droplets =less possible water marks.

Up to 30% more effect mentioned here.  CQUARTZ FINEST will give more anti scratch protection on car paint surface ( extra increase hardness up to 2H*) with same easy application way.

*- Vary on paint surface hardness.

CQUARTZ FINEST can be applied on any kind of surface and layered as well.


Water contact angle 100~110°  -  Sliding angle 15~25° -  Thickness  2~3µm -  Heat resistance >300°C  - Increase hardness  up to 2H**

**- depend on surface hardness


CQUARTZ FINEST achieve amazing increase Mohs hardness up to 2H, unleash the amazing protection Anti scratch effect!  It has a very high durability compared with any general protective coating, retaining the high super gloss coat.

 * Mohs hardness: German scientist Friedrich Mohs created Comparison of hardness rules, from the softest to the hardest level divided into grade 1-10.

Cquartz Finest new version started from April 2014 !

Finest Preparation Tips:

  • Remove contaminants with CarPro IronX and CarPro Polyshave. 
  • Polish all painted surfaces to the highest standard. CarPro Reflect is recommended as a finishing polish with no durable fillers.
  • Use CarPro Eraser to remove polishing oils before application of Finest
  • Wrap a 4” mf Suede around the grey foam side of the applicator block.
  • Shake Finest well and apply liberally to the applicator suede.  Applying too little will allow the product to flash immediately and may not flash even.


  1. Apply to an entire panel starting in center & working outward.  First wipe horizontal and then vertical using long strokes along full length of panel.
  2. Wait approximately 1-5 minutes “flash time” before wiping.  Generally about 2-3 minutes works well.
  3. As soon as it flashes off, wipe the panel down with 16” Suede MF Towel
  4. IMMEDIATELY apply second coat to the same section.
  5. As soon as it flashes off wipe down with 16” MF Suede.
  6. Before moving to next panel: Check under multiple light sources from different viewing angles to ensure you do not allow high spots to harden. 
  7. Switch to a fresh side or new 4” MF Suede applicator after every large panel or every 2-3 small panels, or if you take a break at any point.
  8. Flip to a fresh side of wipeoff towel after each panel also.


  • Note that a brightly lit room with consistent ambient light matching that of daylight works best for finding high spots.  Point lights do not generally find high spots as easily.
  • Second coat generally flashes faster then the first
  • Fast arm movement is recommended when applying so that Finest is not able to start flashing while you are still applying to the same section.  You should be able to apply to a typical panel in approximately 40-90 seconds with fast arm movement.
  • On extremely large panels such as a long hood it “may” be too large to apply all at once.  In this case apply to half of panel and treat as one section.  HOWEVER it is imperative that the other half of the panel is treated IMMEDIATELY after the first is complete.  Pay special attention to the overlap of Finest between the 2 sections and gently buff off any haze immediately as needed.
  • Depending on: How thick you apply, temperatures, and humidity the wait time varies.  In cooler temperatures or differing humidity’s the coating may stay on the surface up to around 5 minutes before wipe off.


 Download or print this application guide  HERE

Finest Post Installation Tips:

  • A coat of Reload may be applied 2+ hours after application.  If you must release vehicle and it has a possibility of getting wet before 12 hours has past Reload will help with resistance to water spots for the sensitive 12 hour period. Moving forward Reload is highly recommended for any future service on the vehicle.  It will provide a boost of Silica for the coatings upper surface while maintaining the lotus affect of the coating and offering further slickness.
  • Heating the surface in the first few hours after application will increase hardness and gloss even further!
  • If possible after application park vehicle directly in the sun to accelerate the hardening of the Finest coating.  If you own IR cure lamps this will vastly accelerate the cure within a few minutes. 
  • If IR lamps are not used, keep surface dry for 12+ hours after application. If water is allowed on surface between the first 2-12 hours it will not harm the coatings durability. HOWEVER gently dry off any water to avoid possible water spots during the hardening process of those first 12 hours. 
  • Avoid washing with soap for the first 7 days.
  • Recommend CarPro Reset for maintenance washes.
  • Recommend Iron X and Reload every 3 to 12 months (depending on condtions) to keep vehicle in “beyond showroom” condition.

Additional Precautions:

  • Wear hand protection (disposable gloves) It also keeps your oils off the paint!
  • We always recommend using respiratory protection as a precaution with any chemical.
  • On Single Stage paint there is no absolute guarantee of durability.
  • Do not apply in direct sun or hot surfaces
  • Do not re-use the Microfiber Suedes on any future Finest jobs…
  • Avoid automatic car washes which may scratch the coating with their sharp dirty bristles.
  • DO NOT ALLOW HIGHLY ALKALINE CHEMICALS (ph 11+) THIS WILL AFFECT THE COATING.  Avoid highly alkaline chemicals where possible.  With a coating on the vehicle there is no reason to use highly alkaline chemicals for cleaning.  You will find the paint cleans off much easier even with regular car wash soap.       


CQUARTZ FINEST kit contain:       

1 50ml bottle

5 suede MF 10cm2

1 suede MF 40cm2

1 3M face mask

1 applicator

1 warranty card

1 warranty car sticker

CQUARTZ FINEST sold ONLY  through authorized CarPro Detailers with 2 years warranty program.


Note :

If you consider yourself as high skilled detailer who owns a detailing/polishing shop center , you are welcome to join the CarPro team and serve exclusively

the Cquartz FINEST through your customers.

For more details please contact us.

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This is a real time test we made, to proof the Anti scratch effect from Finest, washed with scotch brite ! (please don't try this on your car!) :